Integrated Data & Analysis Tools for Climate-Resilient Infrastructure

Posted by Ecobot on Nov 3, 2023 9:42:38 AM

This webinar aired on October 19, 2023 as the third installment of Esri's Environmental Regulation webinar series.

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Making impactful environmental decisions, with EPIC's Jessie Mahr

Posted by Ecobot on May 3, 2023 9:00:00 AM

Jessie Mahr, Director of Technology at Environmental Policy Innovation Center (EPIC), has dedicated her career to all things wetland. She believes better technology and better data are the keys to impactful environmental decision-making. 


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USACE's Antecedent Precipitation Tool (APT) For Wetland Delineations

Posted by Ecobot on Aug 1, 2022 9:20:00 AM

Have you used USACE’s Antecedent Precipitation Tool (APT)? With some USACE districts now recommending or requiring APT data alongside jurisdictional reports, the tool has an important place in the wetland delineation and monitoring process. 

This topic was covered in the 24th episode of Ecobot's webinar series, Convergence of Wetland Science and Technology. View recorded episodes here. 

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