Eliminate the risks that slow permitting.

The Ecobot cloud and mobile platform reduces data collection time, minimizes post-processing, facilitates data-safe collaboration, and virtually eliminates time spent on QA and report generation. 

The workflow you know, taken to perfection.

Completed, accurate data forms, CSV data tables, and ArcGIS-ready shape files are created instantly upon fieldwork completion. Ecobot customers consistently find they complete their total work twice as fast, regardless of project size.


Remote Collaboration

Ecobot was built for remote collaboration between the field and the office.

We even help you manage data integrity when you don't have data coverage in the field.



Fieldwork is taxing, QA/QC at the end of a long day is tough. Long days can breed error.

Ecobot's built-in automation eliminates these risks that slow down projects.



Pre-construction environmental permitting is more critical than ever before.

Digitized field data helps engineers make the built environment more resilient.

Ecobot is the unequivocal industry standard.

Ecobot, by the numbers:


Total wetland delineation projects completed


Environmental Regulatory Reports Completed


Customers Using Ecobot in the Field and Office

Deliver better quality work to your clients.

Deliver better quality work to your clients with an environmental permitting software (wetland app) built for remote collaboration that eliminates the risks that slow down environmental permitting and improves the resilience of the built environment.

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    Confidence in data integrity.

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    Enterprise-class data security.

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    Make better decisions, faster.

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    Real-time field to office updates.

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    When your fieldwork is done, you're done.

Achieve regulatory certainty and alleviate construction backlog.

As a true workflow-first solution, built from within the industry, Ecobot helps enterprises drive efficiency, reduce labor cost around natural resources permitting, and alleviate project backlog.

Ecobot effectively addresses the complexities unique to the wetland delineation workflow and eliminates the need for any internal development or maintenance. Ecobot is committed to helping its customers achieve their efficiency goals, as demonstrated by our customer-centric support and training process.

Custom workflows for all 12 US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) wetland determination forms and the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) 62-340 are included.

Feature rich. Ridiculously reliable.

Not one customer has ever lost a single line of data in the field. And we've been doing this a long time.

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    Built-in field reference guides like landforms and hydrology/soil indicators.

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    Fully-automated vegetation determination calculations.

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    Built-in, automated QA / QC.

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    Deeply integrated with Esri ArcGIS desktop and mobile applications.

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    External GNSS integrations for submeter-accurate reporting.

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    FedRAMP Moderate security compliant.

We've partnered with the companies you're already working with.

To provide your clients with the best possible work, we've partnered with the top industry software and hardware providers that you already know and love.


Ecobot can readily pair with GNSS devices from Trimble, Eos Positioning Systems, Juniper Systems, Leica Geosystems, SXBlue, and Bad Elf, as well as export geospatial data directly to Esri's ArcGIS Online & ArcGIS Pro. 


Learn more about Ecobot's partners.


Ecobot Partner ESRI
Ecobot Partner Trimble
Ecobot Partner EOS Positioning Systems
Ecobot Partner Juniper Systems
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   Ecobot Collector supported devices.

Trimble R12 R12i
Bad Elf Flex
Bad Elf GPS PRO +

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