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Complete environmental fieldwork twice as fast with greater accuracy.

Ecobot reduces data collection time, minimizes post-processing, facilitates data-safe collaboration, and virtually eliminates time spent on QA and report generation. Completed, accurate data forms, CSV data tables, and ArcGIS-ready shape files are created instantly upon fieldwork completion. Ecobot customers consistently find they complete their total work twice as fast, regardless of project size.

Who uses Ecobot?

Ecobot empowers the AEC and environmental consulting industry to better serve their clients by reducing the time and expenses required to complete environmental regulatory reporting while providing certainty through more accurate reporting.

Field scientists make critical decisions that inform land use and use Ecobot to submit thousands of wetland delineation reports to the USACE each month.

Here's a handful of our customers that you probably recognize.

Achieve regulatory certainty and alleviate construction backlog.

As a true workflow-first solution, built from within the industry, Ecobot helps enterprises drive efficiency, reduce labor costs around natural resources permitting, and alleviate project backlog.

Ecobot effectively addresses the complexities unique to the wetland delineation workflow and eliminates the need for any internal development or maintenance. Ecobot is committed to helping its customers achieve their efficiency goals, as demonstrated by our customer-centric support and training process.

How many projects have been completed using Ecobot?

A lot. Thousands of customers have used Ecobot in the field to produce over 100,000 reports. The animation shows you where Ecobot has been used across the country over time, since we first launched in 2019.

Customers love us.

Based on data across multiple customer case studies, representing small projects of a few acres through large linear corridor projects that span hundreds of linear miles, Ecobot customers consistently find they complete their total work twice as fast, regardless of project size.

We recently completed a $200,000, 50-mile corridor project in the southeast. It took four people only 30 days to complete 570 sampling points and map 344 wetland polygons; completing the project ahead of schedule with an unexpected $84,000 profit margin.
Scott Denham

Wetlands & Permitting Manager, ESI

The platform is easy to use when in the field. It is intuitive and very user-friendly. Inputting data is quick and easy. It is just a great product and worth the investment. Ecobot is obviously invested in every aspect of the app.
Aaron Hoefer

Senior Ecologist, POWER Engineers

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Users Love Us
Winter 2024

Engineered by the environmental consulting community and built in the heart of Asheville, NC.

Our award-winning platform is built on the expertise of our scientific advisors, customers and teammates. With amazing customer service and engineers dedicated to building reliable, intuitive software, Ecobot is at the forefront of innovation.

Ecobot is a cloud-based platform that optimizes data collection and management for environmental permits, supporting efficiency and accuracy during fieldwork and post-processing. Ecobot helps customers deliver data consistency across a distributed workforce and enables them to utilize data in a variety of contexts. Ecobot is used by customers at the top AEC (architectural, engineering construction) and natural resources consulting firms; by numerous counties, state and federal departments of transportation (DOT); the mitigation banking industry; and utility, energy, and oil and gas companies.

Ecobot Collector, the mobile app component of the platform, is available for iOS via the Apple App Store, and for Android devices on the Google Play Store. Ecobot is an Esri Partner.
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