Ecobot Raises Seed Round to Transform the Environmental Regulatory Services Industry

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New software transforms how field data is collected and brings the environmental regulatory industry into the 21st century.

ASHEVILLE, NC (November 15, 2018) --- Ecobot, the developer of transformative environmental data reporting software, today announced that it has closed its seed round of funding led by tech venture fund Cofounders Capital in Cary, NC. The company will use the funding to bring its new software to a wider marketplace.

The pen and paper-driven environmental regulatory industry hasn't changed much since its inception in the 1970s. Ecobot digitizes this industry, and the first version of the software provides a swifter way to input wetland delineation data, provides contextual vegetation and soil data lookups, and automatically generates regulatory reports, all while scientists are in the field. Compared to traditional techniques, the Ecobot solution provides environmental services companies massive time savings and produces more accurate reporting.

"As a 20-year veteran of the environmental services industry, I'm intimately familiar with the tedious amounts of paperwork and data entry necessary to assemble regulatory reports," says Jeremy Schewe, Cofounder of Ecobot. "I'm a scientist. I want to be in the field, not filling out reports. I've tried numerous ways to solve this problem and nothing has made an impact. When talking to my colleagues in the industry, I realized that this problem was not unique to me. Outdated solutions were not solving their acute pain point. Only a new platform that is tucked into every aspect of the existing workflow is able to make a significant difference -- and that's what we've created with Ecobot."

Tim McLoughlin, Partner at Cofounders Capital, will join the Board of Directors at Ecobot. "First and foremost, we look to invest in great teams. Jeremy has decades of experience as an environmental scientist and his partner, Lee Lance, is an expert at building scalable software solutions." In addition to the team, Tim believes in the value props that Ecobot offers its clients. "At Cofounders, we look for great technologies that provide indisputable ROI for customers in industries starving for innovation. Ecobot customers will see an immediate and significant lift to their bottom line when compared to pen and paper or home-grown solutions."

Ecobot benefits the environment and business by removing unnecessary obstacles: better use of dollars and better protection of our natural resources. A preview release is available for select environmental consulting companies performing wetland assessments. There are eight remaining preview release slots available; to be considered, sign up at the company website:

About Ecobot
Ecobot builds revolutionary software that improves how we interact with the environment. Ecobot is the future of environmental monitoring, reporting, and data forecasting, providing efficiency across all sectors of the environmental services industry. The first version of Ecobot provides a swifter way to input wetland field data, provides contextual vegetation and soil data lookups, and automatically generates USACE wetland delineation reports. Visit us at

About Cofounder's Capital
Cofounders Capital is now investing out of their second early-stage seed fund focused on software ventures in North Carolina. Cofounders Capital is managed by serially successful entrepreneur, David Gardner, and his partner, Tim McLoughlin. They have a team of over seventy advisers and volunteer mentors who are all investors in the fund, eager to support entrepreneurship in the state and to help portfolio companies and entrepreneurs succeed.

Contact Information:
Lee Lance, CEO
Twitter: @ecobotapp


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Ecobot offers software and services for the $10 billion environmental survey business

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