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Five startups vying for exposure and support at Bloom 23 made rapid pitches for their tech to protect nature and boost biodiversity.

”We believe that we can help global companies meet their nature-positive goals, with environmental permitting as the market driver,” said Lee Lance, CEO of Ecobot. “We’re building the expert network data that we need to build better technology, enhanced by AI.”

Ecobot, a startup based in Asheville, North Carolina, seeks to close a gap in measuring biodiversity: It’s unrealistic to send 100,000 scientists into the field, but that many are already in the field collecting data for permitting purposes. 

“But a permit is where data goes to die,” Lance said. “All of the water and soil and vegetation data that is gathered is either siloed with an organization or just simply lost.”

Ecobot has a “workforce enablement platform” that accelerates environmental permitting.

Its 250 customers include AECOM, the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Agriculture.

Engineered by the environmental consulting community and built in the heart of Asheville, NC.

Our award-winning platform is built on the expertise of our scientific advisors, customers and teammates. With amazing customer service and engineers dedicated to building reliable, intuitive software, Ecobot is at the forefront of innovation.

Ecobot is a cloud-based platform that optimizes data collection and management for environmental permits, supporting efficiency and accuracy during fieldwork and post-processing. Ecobot helps customers deliver data consistency across a distributed workforce and enables them to utilize data in a variety of contexts. Ecobot is used by customers at the top AEC (architectural, engineering construction) and natural resources consulting firms; by numerous counties, state and federal departments of transportation (DOT); the mitigation banking industry; and utility, energy, and oil and gas companies.

Ecobot Collector, the mobile app component of the platform, is available for iOS via the Apple App Store, and for Android devices on the Google Play Store. Ecobot is an Esri Partner.
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