Ecobot Surpasses Key Biodiversity Data Milestone

Ecobot Customers Have Generated More Than 100,000 Regulatory Reports; One Million Biodiversity Data Points

**ASHEVILLE, N.C., July 13, 2023 ( -**Ecobot, the premier digital solution for mandatory pre-construction environmental assessments, today announced that the platform has been used to generate over 100,000 regulatory reports, encompassing more than one million biodiversity data points. This milestone wraps up the end of a strong quarter for the company, following a series of industry award recognitions and the recent release of Ecobot Collector, the mobile component of Ecobot’s comprehensive environmental permitting platform, for Android

“Biodiversity tracking is critical to effectively protect ecosystems and mitigate climate change,” said Lee Lance, CEO at Ecobot. “Environmental consultants collect incredibly valuable environmental data for permitting purposes, and for a long time, the permit was where that data went to die. Ecobot provides its customers with a framework for storing and analyzing biodiversity data over time, so this data can be leveraged as part of a comprehensive ESG strategy.” 

Environmental organizations including the United Nations’ COP-15 have prioritized biodiversity tracking and preservation, citing the “pace, severity, and long-term implications of biodiversity loss,” both in ecological and economic terms. Data and analyses, such as the frameworks provided by Ecobot, are necessary to plan and protect biodiversity at scale. 

Other highlights from last quarter:

  • Awards:Ecobot was recognized with the 2023 Practitioner Award from the Society of Wetland Scientists (SWS) at its annual conference in June. “The review committee was very impressed by Ecobot’s significant and enduring contribution to advancing wetland management practice,” said SWS representative Amanda Nahlik.
  • **Conferences:**Staff scientists from the Ecobot team presented at conferences including the National Association of Environmental Professionals (NAEP) and SWS. Members of the team will present next at the Georgia Environmental Conference in August.
  • **Resource launch:**In June, Ecobot published an interactive StoryMap to help environmental consultants and citizens understand how the recent Sackett v. EPA decision by the Supreme Court of the United States will play out across the country based on existing state and local regulations.
  • Ecobite**news launch:**In April, Ecobot aired the first episode of Ecobite, a series of news shorts featuring experts from the environmental industry who break down news items, and how the industry will be affected.

About Ecobot Ecobot is a cloud-based platform that supports efficiency by optimizing data collection and management for environmental permits, and enables customers to utilize data in a variety of contexts. Ecobot helps customers deliver data consistency across a distributed workforce, and enables them to leverage field data for improvements to the construction lifecycle. See how Ecobot can transform your pre-construction permitting workflow at

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Ecobot is a cloud-based platform that optimizes data collection and management for environmental permits, supporting efficiency and accuracy during fieldwork and post-processing. Ecobot helps customers deliver data consistency across a distributed workforce and enables them to utilize data in a variety of contexts. Ecobot is used by customers at the top AEC (architectural, engineering construction) and natural resources consulting firms; by numerous counties, state and federal departments of transportation (DOT); the mitigation banking industry; and utility, energy, and oil and gas companies.

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