Ecobot is the trusted platform for natural resource identification.

Posted by Ecobot on Jan 24, 2023 10:39:19 AM
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Ecobot assists with digitizing federal and state agencies' field work around natural resource identification, reducing labor costs around natural resources regulation, and stretching federal funding and budgets to their fullest extent. 

What government agencies use Ecobot?

Our customers, including state DOTs, the EPA, USDA, and USBR, are using Ecobot in the field to improve efficiency, predictability and performance, and reduce risk. Field scientists within government agencies utilize Ecobot to abide by USACE guidelines for standardized natural resource identification and make critical land use decisions. 

As a true workflow-first solution, built from within the environmental consulting industry, Ecobot helps government agencies drive efficiency.  For example, the NRCS utilizes Ecobot to complete wetland delineations twice as fast for compliance with swampbuster provisions.

"The big plus for me was the improved efficiency... In Alabama, we have a small number of biologists dedicated to wetland delineations, but with Ecobot, it's like we have an extra person on our team,” Hunter Nobles, Environmental Specialist, Alabama Department of Transportation.

Is Ecobot whitelisted?

Ecobot's cloud-based platform is on Amazon AWS East and customer data housed on this server is FedRAMP moderate compliant. The USDA and NRCS investigated Ecobot’s security, more specifically the PII (Personally Identifiable Information) protection and whitelisted Ecobot for usage across the entire agency.

How do I implement Ecobot?

Ecobot removes the hassle of onboarding and continued maintenance by providing whitelisted efficiency software. When tasked with acquiring new software, onboarding efforts can be a pain point, especially at the early stages of the process. Ecobot is intuitive to the field scientist's workflow, allowing quick and easy adoption. After a short demo guided by one of our Ecobot specialist, your natural resources team will be ready to start their work. 

“Ecobot is helping Davey Resource Group to standardize wetlands data collection across all offices, significantly streamlining our processes. Easily the most supportive and accommodating software vendor I deal with,” John Cooke, Engineering & Survey Technology Consultant, Davey Resource Group.

Ecobot effectively addresses the complexities unique to the wetland delineation workflow and eliminates the need for any internal development or maintenance. Start normalizing data collection across your entire agency, state, or region to better enforce and maintain regulations around natural resource identification and protection.

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